Supplied small water meter boxes

30 000



Pieces of supplied gas regulators

350 000

HUTIRA – BRNO, s.r.o.


The company HUTIRA – BRNO provides comprehensive services in the gas, water, industry and energy sectors. Thanks to 30 years of experience, high professionalism and certified quality of our products we belong to the top ranking Czech producers in the field of gas regulation and water technology. It cooperates with top foreign partners. In the field of regulation technology, it is the general representative of the FISHER and TARTARINI brands of the multinational concern EMERSON, while in the local market, it represents the French company CAHORS Group, which manufactures water meter boxes  and plastic cabinets for gas installations, and also the Italian manufacturer AMARC, which designs and produces heating systems.

Portfolio of products and services

  • Construction and installation of gas networks, regulation stations, and other gas equipment
  • Supply and service of EMERSON regulation technology
  • Construction and reconstruction of utility networks
  • Service, inspection and consultancy of GE and CGE (Gas Facilities and Consumption Gas Equipment)
  • Provision of special construction and earthworks using MSB technology – Mobile Suction Excavator
  • Container solutions for the gas industry, water industry, food industry and others
  • Water meter boxes
  • Plastic cabinets for gas installations, equipped and unfurnished
  • Stationary and mobile water treatment plants HUTIRA CCW – Crystal Clear Water

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