500 000

supplied regulators

90 %

gas consumed in the Czech Republic flows through equipment supplied by HUTIRA

470 000

and more supplied domestic regulators

The HUTIRA family of companies provides its services to all types of clients, from small end-users to large companies at home and abroad. On account of the fact that we are the exclusive representatives of several renowned industry brands on the Czech market, such as EMERSON, FISHER, TARTARINI or CAHORS, you will also find our products in the wholesale network. Other qualified suppliers of gas equipment also work with them.

The most common requirements that we address for clients include the supply of products and services from the following groups:

  • Gas pressure regulators and accessories sets for measuring and regulating gas pressure
  • Production of biomethane
  • Implementation and reconstruction of gas pipelines
  • Professional training for the gas industry


Main companies of HUTIRA brand