We provide comprehensive services for the gas industry in the Czech Republic and abroad. We represent the renowned gas industry brands EMERSON, FISHER, TARTARINI, CAHORS, and others. We offer both classic and container solutions for regulation equipment. Our experts are ready to handle your requests in a professional manner.


Our domain for the water industry is mainly our own water treatment plants HUTIRA CCW, which effectively solve the problem of drinking water shortage. In the more traditional water supply area, we offer small water meter shafts, which are the optimal solution for connecting customers to the water supply line, as well as a complete water supply range. We are here for you.


In line with our environmentally friendly approach, we support environmental projects. Therefore, as part of the greening of the gas industry, we have prepared a comprehensive offer for biomethane production from biogas for operators of biogas plants and wastewater treatment plants.


We consider energy self-sufficiency to be an important topic, which is why we have expanded our offer to include alternative energy technologies. The portfolio includes inverters, batteries, battery storage, kits, heat pumps and MaR.