The company GasNet, the operator of the largest gas distribution system in the Czech Republic, chose the control equipment from HUTIRA – BRNO for the reconstruction of local networks in Vyškov, which produced the system to measure. Thanks to two lines, the new control equipment will ensure a stable gas supply for Vyškov residents.

New control series from the HUTIRA – BRNO workshop combine modern technology with an emphasis on high reliability and safety. The operator of the gas network in Vyškov, the GasNet company, has chosen a double-line control device. The decisive factor was the security of supply to all customers of the connected apartment buildings. The Company HUTIRA – BRNO will deliver twelve pieces of equipped cabinets with control equipment to Vyškov continuously until June.

In the final solution, the experts from the HUTIRA – BRNO took into account and fulfilled the specific requirements of the client. Therefore, the double line control device has the following parameters:

  • Inlet pressure = 100 kPa
  • Outlet pressure = 2,1 kPa
  • Flow rate = 60 Nm3/h
  • Inlet/outlet = G6/4″ / DN50
  • Regulator: R72 (20-26 mbar)
  • Manometers D = 60 mm.