Memorandum on Reducing CO2 Emissions. This is the title of the document initiated by the Statutory City of Brno. The goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the city by 40 percent by 2030. The recommended steps to reduce emissions are to construct and renovate buildings in a way to minimize future energy consumption, use renewable energy sources, use low-emission or other eco-friendly modes of transportation, conserve water consumption, and build retention areas or basins. In addition to the City of Brno itself, the activities of another 53 partners from among institutions and both municipal and private companies are to contribute to this. HUTIRA – BRNO actively participates in long-term cooperation with the City of Brno and therefore joined this memorandum through the signature of the owner Ivo Hutira without hesitation.


For the HUTIRA brand, respect for nature and social responsibility are one of the key pillars reflected in many activities. An example of such good practice is, for example, the establishment of a habitat with water plants on the premises of the main office of HUTIRA – BRNO, which serves as a water reservoir. Oher projects include photovoltaic panels with backup batteries or, more recently, beekeeping on the premises of ATJ special, s.r.o. as well as the activities of HUTIRA green gas in the field of distribution and production of biomethane, which could replace conventional natural gas and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the future.

The ceremonial signing of the Memorandum on Reducing CO2 Emissions took place at the Festival of Architecture held at Riviera. The HUTIRA brand is a regular participant in this meeting of leading subjects in architecture and construction. Last year, for example, Petr Hajný, director of HUTIRA – VISION, presented the development and production of HUTIRA CCW water treatment plants, which use unique technology that can create safe drinking water from most underground and surface water sources.


Source of photo documentation: priprav.brno