One of the major advantages of biomethane in transport is its environmental friendliness and availability. This is because BioCNG is produced from the domestic waste, which is a biological resource. HUTIRA is also involved in the production and supply of alternative fuel technologies. We see great future potential in the use of biomethane in transport. Participants of the Gas Mobility Day also came to these conclusions. In addition to biomethane, they are looking to hydrogen.


Transport is the only sector where greenhouse gas emissions have increased by more than 33% over the last three decades. Green gases, i.e. hydrogen and biomethane, can be the solution to carbon neutrality. “Greater support for biomethane and hydrogen production may be one possible way to achieve the climate plans we have committed to. However, state support is necessary to achieve the maximum potential of gas mobility,” says Radek Kundrata, Director of HUTIRA – BRNO, who participated in the Gas Mobility Day event. It was organised in Prague by the Czech Gas Association.


The Czech Republic will only meet its commitments to reduce transport emissions with hydrogen and biomethane. According to the Czech Gas Association, green gases have potential in many other transport segments. In freight transport, for example, LNG is the only sufficiently efficient alternative to diesel.


HUTIRA green gas and HUTIRA – BRNO are dedicated to the production and supply of biomethane production technologies under the auspices of the HUTIRA brand, providing design, engineering and construction of BioCNG filling stations. The implementation of a biomethane plant in Litomyšl, which will be one of the first in our country, is an example of such a project. The potential for the use of biomethane in the Czech Republic is even greater. In the future, it could serve not only as a fuel for transport vehicles, but also as a full-fledged and environmentally friendly substitute for natural gas suitable for injection into the gas network.

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