Cooking, washing or hot shower. Water is simply a daily necessity. But few people realise the path water has to take to flow from the tap. Our CLA-VAL control valves help to achieve this by ensuring that the right pressure is applied to the water line. We are the only company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to sell and service these devices. We are doing everything we can to ensure water for future generations.

Water is becoming a scarce commodity. Most people only notice its value when a water main repair or accident occurs. Yet the journey of water from the source to the glass, the industrial factory or the power station is long and complex. “And not at all obvious. We see water as a scarce commodity. There is no doubt that it must be managed and conserved properly, which is why we offer meaningful water regulation,” says Aleš Krkoška, Head of the WATER – Water Sales Division at HUTIRA.

We are the only company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia that provides sales and service of CLA-VAL control valves. Automatic valves ensure that the water supply line is at the correct pressure. “This corresponds to the height difference between the point of consumption and the highest point of the water network, or the capacity of the pumping station. The maximum overpressure at the lowest point of the water network must not exceed 0.6 MPa. In justified cases, however, it may be increased to 0.7 MPa,” explains Aleš Krkoška.

Our control valves prevent problems

Our valves operate autonomously and boast a long service life. In addition, they offer an overall conceptual solution that takes the entire water system into account. They can also be successfully used for pressure classes PN 25, PN 40 and PN 50. CLA-VAL control valves are also widely used due to their function in the field of fire safety.

“Every enclosed area, production and industrial plants need to address fire safety in a confined space with equipment that can immediately fill water at the required pressure if necessary. And this autonomously, independently of the human factor. It is the CLA-VAL valve that is able to release water into the dry pipe instantly and instantly,” says Aleš Krkoška. The reliability of CLA-VAL valves also lies in the ability to easily resolve unpleasant situations. In the event of a mains failure, a programmable valve with its own battery can be used.

Kvalita CLA-VAL v Česku i ve světě

We have been certified by a Swiss valve manufacturer and can therefore pass on our knowledge of service and maintenance to water company staff. Training related to CLA-VAL valves is thus an integral part of our service. We are an accredited service centre for CLA-VAL EUROPE control valves and are authorised to design, repair, maintain, adjust and install these valves.

We have installed CLA-VAL pressure relief valves in hundreds of locations in the Czech Republic. They have been installed in Bystrc, Líšně, Švařec, Moravský Krumlov, Velké Meziříčí and near Lipno. CLA-VAL valves have a high status on a global scale. They are installed in the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. In addition, they are used with iron regularity by NATO forces or Air Force One – the aircraft providing security for US presidents.