The Czech Gas Association organised the first Summer Gas School. The aim of the event was to acquaint university students with trends in the gas industry during one week. A week full of lectures and educational tours awaited the participants. They also visited the headquarters of HUTIRA – BRNO, where they could take a look at gas technology and discuss trends in the gas industry with experts.

 This year, the Czech Gas Association decided to organise the very first Summer Gas School for university students. In the week from 30 May to 3 June, a busy educational programme awaited the participants. The gas industry will experience a huge change in the coming years. New technologies or the transition to low-emission gases such as hydrogen or biomethane are expected to be implemented in the sector.

“The gas industry faces a number of challenges. In the near future, the most important will probably be the European countries’ shift from natural gas imported from Russia. As confirmed by the REPowerEU plan announced by the European Commission in May, biomethane will be of great importance in the future energy mix not only for the whole of Europe but also for the Czech Republic. This is mainly because it can be produced from local raw materials, such as wastewater or biowaste. One of the tasks of the upcoming generation of gas engineers is therefore to technically prepare networks for the injection of biomethane into the gas distribution system,” explains Monika Zitterbartová, Executive Director of HUTIRA green gas, which offers comprehensive technical solutions for the conversion of biogas into biomethane and its subsequent use.

In addition to a lecture on new trends in the gas industry, the participants of the Summer Gas School could also take a look at standard gas equipment. Over the course of one afternoon, the students had the opportunity to visit the warehouse and see the production of regulating equipment or the production of BNG regulators on the HUTIRA – BRNO premises in Popůvky. Lastly, the HUTIRA – BRNO staff prepared a practical demonstration of the function of the pressure regulator, gas regulator and safety valve for the students.

HUTIRA – BRNO has been involved in similar types of training activities for a long time. In addition to university students, high school students are also regularly welcomed at its Popůvky headquarters. The company wants to encourage them to study gas engineering and deepen their interest in this important field. “We consider the presentation of the gas company and its operation in practice to be very important in the context of the awareness of the gas industry, also in view of the fact that the industry is currently undergoing a certain transformation,” said Tomáš Stone, Marketing Director of HUTIRA – BRNO.

In addition to these educational events for schools, HUTIRA – BRNO also holds regular training courses for companies or engineers of various specializations, such as fitters, service engineers and designers in its training facilities in Popůvky and Prague.