We offer cutting-edge air-to-water heat pump technology, an alternative heating method for family homes.

  • Low operating costs – up to 75% of the heat energy is drawn from the surrounding environment
  • long service life and 5 year warranty
  • clean and work-free heating
  • environmentally friendly solution
  • heating and cooling options

AOKOL heat pumps are eligible for subsidies from the “New Green Savings (2021-2030)” and “Boiler Subsidies (2021-2027)” funds – the pumps are booked into the SVT code database for these subsidies.



The LFP battery is the new generation for home energy storage. It offers a safe, well designed and high performance standard battery.

  • Storing excess energy
  • Emergency power supply in case of mains failure
  • Smart Energy Management
  • Long life and high safety
  • Wide compatibility


This is a brand new three-phase inverter/inverter that provides higher energy yields,
safe, reliable, intelligent and user-friendly. The advantage is the three-phase output,
which can split the asymmetrical power into phases, thus expanding the application possibilities.

  • Includes a smart module that can be set to purchase electricity from the grid
    (at low rates) and when to sell it back to the grid.
  • includes level 2 AC/DC surge protection
  • includes a wifi module


It is a HUCS measurement and control system with remote management,
which is based on modern PLC (programmable logic controller) units
with UNIPI technology and uses SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acqusition) and is
ideal solution for remote monitoring and control of water treatment plants, gas boiler rooms,biogas injection stations and other similar process units.


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