Focus and objectives of the new HUTIRA TROPP CORPORATION

HTC’s goal will be to seek out opportunities and develop collaborative opportunities both in terms of supplying technology and equipment from Europe to Canada and vice versa across all sectors – gas, power and water – with a particular focus on biomethane development in Canada. All in line with HUTIRA’s brand philosophy and focus.

Benpro Technologies

Benpro Technologies is a pipe bender for the oil and gas industry. The bending process itself is implemented in two ways. Bending using induction heating up to a pipe diameter of 36″. Cold bending up to a pipe diameter of 20″.

The company also supplies steel profile bends for the construction industry and agricultural machinery.

The company includes a division for applying surface treatments and corrosion protection for bent pipes.

Prooftest Consulting

Prooftest Consulting deals with destructive and non-destructive testing of steel materials and welds. Testing is performed in accordance with ASTM and ISO standards. The company also performs “Failure Analysis” for customers in the oil, gas and construction industries.

A new method for determining the fatigue condition of steel structures, piping and welds is to inspect and assess the degree of fatigue of materials under load in service condition. This method is currently being implemented by the company to evaluate the “Fitness Level” of a material or its collapse.

HUTIRA s.r.o.

HUTIRA provides comprehensive supplies of products, equipment and services in the gas and water industry, offers complete solutions for biogas processing into biomethane and its subsequent use and, last but not least, a wide range of production and supply solutions for the energy industry.

We have been on the market for more than 30 years and are not afraid of new challenges and opportunities. We have enriched the Czech market with a number of interesting products that were originally available only abroad. These include, for example, ground modules enabling underground installation of gas control equipment, small water meter shafts or farm gas pressure control stations. Installations of all these products now number in the thousands in the Czech Republic. But we also develop our own innovative solutions. Examples are our unique HUTIRA CCW water treatment plants or the technology for injecting biomethane into the gas network – HUTIRA green gas

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