10 000

of people who drink water treated with our technology

30 000

the number of water meter boxes supplied in the Czech Republic

15 000

an area of fifteen thousand square meters

We started to focus intensively on the water industry after 2008, when we introduced small water meter shafts Modulo to the Czech market. Since then, thanks to their unique features, they have gained an excellent reputation and we have delivered tens of thousands of them to our clients, either directly or through other partners, as part of our projects.

The development, production and implementation of HUTIRA CCW water treatment plants are handled by the Water Division. Thanks to our own unique technology, we are able to produce drinking water of a quality that is standard in a conventional water supply system from most groundwater and surface water sources.

In 2020, we strengthened the HUTIRA Group with the addition of ATJ special, which significantly expanded our water product range.

Water meter boxes

We have been supplying water meter boxes to the Czech market since 2008 through the company HUTIRA s.r.o. The best-selling product is the Modulo boxes  with more than 30 000 installations. You will also find other boxes such as Borneo, Ovalo or Aquax in our product range.

For a complete range of small water meter manholes, visit the website

HUTIRA CCW - Water treatment plant

We supply water treatment plants to the market under the HUTIRA CCW – Crystal Clear Water brand. It consists of a comprehensive system for the treatment of surface or underground water sources for high quality drinking water. We supply both stationary or mobile (on a trolley or placed in a container) treatment plants which can be used for households, municipalities, hotels, camps, swimming pools, industry, agriculture, the army, natural disasters, etc.

Our company HUTIRA s.r.o. water division specializes in the supply of HUTIRA CCW water treatment plants with a number of successful implementations.

Water Supply Lines

The portfolio of water supply products consists mainly of a comprehensive range of hydrants, trench control valves, couplings, gate valves, sleeves and other related accessories. In addition to a wide range of water products, the water division also offers consultancy services, turnkey water network design and supply, and of course, full warranty and post-warranty services.

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