Container solutions are widely used in the Czech industry. For example, gas pressure regulation stations, water treatment plants or biogas to biomethane plants are installed in them. That is why HUTIRA companies often use them as well. However, they can also be used in non-industrial sectors. They can be assembled together to create, for example, an office or living space. Moreover, it is quick and costs about a third less.


Although steel containers are usually associated with the international transport of goods by ship, train or truck, their advantages can also be found in our country. Container solutions are cheaper, compact and mobile, so technology placed in a container can not only be transported, but then also installed in places where it would normally be very complicated.

Therefore, HUTIRA – BRNO often uses containers for the placement of gas pressure regulation stations. “A good example is the installation of one such station that we manufactured for a customer from Ghana. Thanks to the container structure, we were able to manufacture, assemble and test the device directly in our production hall in the Czech Republic and therefore guarantee its quality. It was then transported to its destination, where it was simply installed and connected to the local system,” said Tomáš Stone from HUTIRA – BRNO. He added that, from an economic standpoint, it is a significantly more efficient solution with minimal construction and assembly work at the installation site.

Container solutions are also used for biogas to biomethane production plants

The variability of container solutions can be used in activities focused on new trends in the gas industry as well. Typical examples are plants for the treatment of biogas into biomethane and its subsequent use, for example the injection of biomethane into the gas network. These are used in biogas plants and wastewater treatment plants.

The container contains a technology that can purify biogas into natural gas quality biomethane in the first phase. This can then be injected into the gas network or filled into bio-CNG and bio-LNG storage tanks via the equipment in the container. The solution is not only compact, but also achieves high efficiency in biomethane production.

Containers help in crisis situations

Thanks to their high mobility, container solutions are also used in crisis situations, such as floods or local droughts. “It is a relatively simple and quick way to restore drinking water supply from local sources. Mobile water treatment plants allow easy transportation to the destination and can also be individualized, even with their small dimensions, to meet the given needs and perform a full function as in the case of the stationary version,” said Petr Hajný, Director of HUTIRA – VISION, which is dedicated to the production of water treatment plants.

Modular container system can also be a quick solution for commercial premises or housing

In addition to industry, HUTIRA also exploits the potential of containers in the construction industry. Last year, for example, 30 modules were used to build the administrative facilities for Rodenstock, a company based in Klatovy. A comfortable administrative building with 16 offices, 4 large meeting rooms and large offices, a server room, a custodial room, 7 rooms with sanitary facilities and 3 kitchenettes was created in about half a year. The construction was significantly faster in this case, as the modules were produced on the premises of HUTIRA – BRNO and only their “assembly”, connection to the utilities and completion of the wiring took place on site. This modular variant is suitable not only for office buildings, but also for conventional residential buildings.

One of the great advantages of some of the equipment built into containers is that it can be reused. “In the past, we have been involved in the production of container breweries. It can be said that if we know how to design container solutions, almost anything can be placed in them. However, because of the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the containers produced for breweries were eventually used as sampling sites for testing for Covid-19,” concluded Tomáš Stone.

Technical sheet – Container solutions