Founder of HUTIRA brand

Ivo Hutira senior

Mining specialist


Ivo Hutira

Owner and CEO of HUTIRA enterprises

The strategic vision of our companies is to maintain and develop the tradition and good name of the HUTIRA brand, to maintain and strengthen the position at all levels of our business, to be a decent, proud, responsible and quality brand not only in the eyes of our customers but also our employees.

Social responsibility and respect for nature are among the main pillars of our companies.

Radek Kundrata

Director and CEO of companies HUTIRA

“The way we do things can also be a goal.”

Top management

Renata Joan Hutirová

Quality manager

“Doing what you love means being free. To love what you do is to be happy.”

Dominika Slípek Vašendová

Lawyer of companies HUTIRA

“Honeste vivere, neminem laedere, suum cuique tribuere”, or “To live honestly, to injure no one, to give to each his own.”

Michal Stašek

Financial Director of companies HUTIRA

“The real mistake is not to correct the mistake.” – Confucius

Jan Stašek

Technical Director of HUTIRA - BRNO

“To trust each other means to believe in yourself.”

Pavel Vitula

Business Manager HUTIRA - BRNO

“Life is a game and I enjoy it…”

Tomáš Stone

Marketing Manager HUTIRA - BRNO

“In order to achieve what is possible, one must strive for what is impossible.”

Hynek Faktor

Director HUTIRA green gas

Petr Hajný


“Not all dreams come true in your life and you gradually find that much less is enough for happiness than you dreamed of.”

Pavel Kazda

Director HUTIRA - OMICE and ATJ special

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” (A. Einstein)

Ivan Junga

Director HUTIRA Slovakia

“With every effort, there is a profit where there is only talk, there is a lack.”

Martin Uriček

Business Director HUTIRA Slovakia

“Only the one who values small things, can achieve a lot”

Štefan Ujček

Technical Director HUTIRA Slovakia

“Well done is always better than well said.”  Benjamin Franklin