Since last year, the mobile suction box from HUTIRA – BRNO has been helping the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) with the maintenance and renovation of the Metro. The portfolio of HUTIRA – BRNO usually includes suction excavators on a truck chassis, but in the case of the Prague Metro, the company offered a unique design. It placed a smaller version of the suction excavator on the railway bogie so that it could function effectively on metro tracks. The unique solution speeds up and simplifies repairs.

“We needed a suitable universal machine for demanding work in removing material in the Metro depots and tunnels. We were looking for a solution that could handle everything from gravel extraction during the replacement of points, through the cleaning of drains, to gravel extraction during the ongoing replacement of old wooden sleepers with concrete ones. The HUTIRA MSB C20 mobile suction box best met these requirements,” said Ondřej Krulikovský, Head of the DPP Construction and Track Service.

The advantage of the machine is versatility

The unique machine has been in operation for a year and is currently helping the underground employees at the Zličín depot. “Specifically during the renovation of track 10A. Old sleepers are being replaced with new concrete sleepers. The replacement began 15 years ago. We have been using concrete sleepers for the last 5 years. Here, too, the smaller version of the suction excavator helps us significantly and speeds up the entire replacement process,” added Ondřej Krulikovský.


Mobile suction excavators can remove up to 20 kg of material

Mobile suction excavators are high-performance machines that extract dry and wet materials wherever they are needed. The simple and robust design enables powerful and efficient extraction of construction waste up to 20 kilograms. It reliably removes water, sludge, mud, dust, sawdust, sand, soil, gravel, stones, concrete or masonry. “The main function of the system is to suck in air with powerful fans. The material is picked up by the suction hose and delivered under the lid of the tank. It is stored in the tank by means of gravity. Dust particles go through triple filtration, where they are separated and the air comes out perfectly cleaned outside the machine,” said Michal Chytka from HUTIRA – BRNO.


The machine speeds up the renovation of the Prague Metro

Thanks to this, the mobile suction box also significantly helps with maintenance work directly in the Prague Metro tunnels. Most of the work has to be done at night when the Metro is not running. Maintenance workers begin the necessary tasks before 1 am, but they have only three hours to do their job until the beginning of morning operation. At 3:45 am, everything must be completed, including their transport to the maintenance site and back.

In some cases, the work is also complicated by the vastness of the Prague Metro. The total length of the tracks is over 65 kilometres, so long relocation often decreases the already short time available for maintenance. “It can take up to 20 minutes to reach more distant places. It is precisely because of time constraints that we have chosen such a powerful and efficient machine. Acceleration and streamlining of the work performed is already reflected in our daily work,” concluded Ondřej Krulikovský, Head of the DPP Construction and Track Service.


Basic specifications of HUTIRA MSB C20:

  • Mobile Suction Box Placement          PVd Flatcar
  • Loading Area Length  7000 mm
  • Loading Area Width    2700 mm
  • Suction Capacity         22,000 m3/h
  • Tank Volume  3 m3
  • Volume of Extracted Material           max. 2.5 m3
  • Tank Emptying            Hydraulic, to both sides
  • Power Arm     Hydraulic, 360° rotation
  • Power Arm Reach:     Radius of 1610 mm
  • Suction Hose   Diameter 200 mm, length 3500 mm (+ 1000 mm extension)