We had a demonstration regulation station installed at the HUTIRA – BRNO head office in Popůvky. Whether you are an uninitiated passer-by, a gas fitter or even a gas industry specialist, everyone can see that HUTIRA – BRNO is primarily a company focusing on the production and sale of gas regulation stations. We offer our customers both standard and customized equipment according to their needs.

The decorative feature of the HUTIRA – BRNO premises in Popůvky is a new demonstration gas regulation station. The location refers to the rich history of the company and its pioneering in the field of the Czech gas industry.

Our company has 30 years of experience in this field. That is why our services also include servicing activities, which are provided by professionally trained employees throughout the Czech Republic. We also take care of professional training for both service engineers and designers, for whom our training can help become familiar with gas products and technical solutions.

We have believed in gas as a fuel for a long time. In addition to producing about half as much carbon dioxide as solid fuels, natural gas combustion has a number of other benefits. Its transport and distribution are not dependent on climatic conditions and do not burden the environment. Along with reliability and safety, consumers appreciate its year-round availability.

We are aware of the worldwide trends to make the gas industry greener, so we have also expanded our activities to the field of biomethane. The technical solution of HUTIRA green gas ensures the entire process including the conversion of biogas to biomethane, its subsequent injection into the gas grid or its use in transport.

Although current trends in fuels are constantly evolving, our brand can respond flexibly. So whether the fuels are dominated by natural gas, biomethane or hydrogen, we can find the optimal solution for all variants thanks to our many years of experience.