Sustainability is one of the core values that is deeply embedded in the DNA of all HUTIRA Group companies. That is why we decided last year to cooperate intensively with the Institute of Circular Economy, which is based on the same idea. One of the main topics of cooperation is the greening of the gas industry.

The HUTIRA Group has been cooperating with the Institute of Circular Economy (INCIEN) since 2021. This year, we have intensified the cooperation. We have a main common goal with the Institute – to introduce the topic of sustainability into the daily lives of citizens, companies and institutions. “In the HUTIRA Group, this value is one of the most fundamental ones, based on the personal convictions of the people who work in our companies,” said Ivo Hutira, owner and CEO of HUTIRA.

Our Group is also connected with INCIEN through a specific and current topic, which is the greening of the gas industry and the production of biomethane from biodegradable waste. The Institute has long drawn attention to the great untapped potential of biomethane production from biodegradable waste. In 2019, it won the first prize in the E.ON Energy Globe competition in the Company category for organising the BioCNG pilot project for Brno. Our company HUTIRA – VISION, s.r.o., which deals with technologies that help better water management, also reached the finals of the competition that year. After all, water and its responsible use is another topic that we share with INCIEN.

In our opinion, sustainable use of watercourses as well as energy is important in the future. “We see a clear direction in the greening of the gas industry, which we intend to take in the coming years. There is no other way than to gradually move to renewable energy and a circular economy if we want to continue to function on this planet as a humanity in the long term. In this endeavour, both the Institute of Circular Economy and us see this as our common goal in which we want to support each other,” concluded Monika Zitterbartová, Executive Director of HUTIRA green gas, s.r.o., which, among other things, deals with biomethane production.