In our workshops in Popůvky, we manufacture both custom-made and standard gas regulation devices. Based on customer needs, these devices can have the following features: single-row/double-row, with a gallery, single-stage/double-stage and with/without gas flow measuring. These regulation devices are used both in large gas facilities and customer gas stations.

With reconstructions, we are often limited by the space available for the equipment in an existing building. Other requirements also play a role, such as keeping the inlet/outlet connections through rear wall or ceiling. Most of the installations are over ground (underground modules are a minority). We have to find a feasible solution for any conditions present on the site.

Commonly used variants of regulation devices made it possible to prepare easy-to-use documentation for designers. This is done by so called “typical regulation devices”.

Our current range contains 4 regulation device types: RZTJ, RZTD, RZTM, and RESO. These types can cover basic requirements. If the customer’s requirement matches one of our types, we can use the typical regulation device with high probability of success. Designers are satisfied as well, because their work and realization are quite straightforward and fast. No wonder: all the technical parameters, dimensions, DWG drawings and related data are at hand without any delays.


Within gas facilities, the double-row HUTIRA RZTD2/RZTD3 types rank among the most commonly used devices. They are used as supporting/block regulation devices. But even with these “typical” devices, it is sometimes necessary to do specific adjustments. An example was one of GasNet/Streicher projects last year. It was required to implement a supporting regulation device in Rakovnik with Qmax of 500m3/h and secure this flow rate even with inlet pressure as low as 0.8bar. We managed to solve the requirement by using a larger pipeline coupled with a regulator with higher capacity. However, in order to get sufficient space, it was necessary to alter the size of the actual building. Then, GasNet service personnel was trained to perform the necessary maintenance tasks for lasting trouble-free operation. The project has been completed with full customer satisfaction and great success of the entire team.

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