The ninth meeting of the Ladies Club, an association under the Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce, took place at the end of May. Businesswomen and female managers were invited by economist Danuše Nerudová to the terrace of the Faculty of Business and Economics of Mendel University in Brno. Monika Zitterbartová, Executive Director of HUTIRA green gas, also attended the event.

At the end of May, almost 30 women from the world of business attended the joint meeting of the Ladies Club. At Mendel University, they discussed, together with Professor Danuše Nerudová, her tenure as head of the university’s management and her experience from being in the Commission for Fair Pensions. Another topic was Danuše Nerudová’s work in KoroNERV-20, an expert platform that provided an opportunity for people to formulate solutions to quickly overcome the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and Covid-19 disease on Czech society and its economy.

All participants also discussed more general topics, such as the position of women in society, the reconciliation of family and work responsibilities, and the current economic, energy and war crises. “Looking at the statistics, there are still fewer women in leadership positions than men. Yet support can have a major impact on a person’s business success. That’s why I appreciate that the Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce regularly organises meetings just for women. We can exchange valuable pieces of advice and make new contacts,” Monika Zitterbartová thinks.

Regular meetings of the Ladies Club have been organised by the Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce since 2018. Their goal is mutual support, motivation, inspiration and, above all, the cooperation of women. In the past, the meeting was also held at HUTIRA – BRNO. The female employees had the honour of presenting not only the premises of the company’s headquarters in Popůvky to the Ladies Club, but all the ladies debated together on topics related to the company’s philosophy – sustainability and respect for nature.

Photo source: Regionální hospodářská komora Brno