Underground modules are often used in city gas-supply grids. In historic centers it is not feasible to place the main gas valve/regulator units outside the building. In addition, they are also used in modern buildings, where the traditional location above-ground is not suitable due aesthetic reasons. The HUTIRA ME 4 regulator is the most widely used type in the Czech Republic. Most of the underground installations can be found in Prague. ME 4 supports gas grids in many Czech and Moravian cities and foreign countries (e.g. Poland), as well.

ME 4 modules can be delivered in 3 different series with nominal flow rates of 25, 40 and 50 m3/h. The corner “E” (standard type) and the “ES” (non- standard, lower inlet) variants remain with no change. Now, two new variants are can be delivered depending on specific customer requirements:

  • “EU” variant with lower inlet and lower outlet
  • “EL” variant with straight connection

We expect the new ME 4 variants to be convenient for installations with somehow limited mounting space.

For more information, go to: Underground modules ME 4 and ME 5