You can find our products in almost all industries. Container solutions can be used wherever it is necessary to save space or where it is necessary to make installation at the destination as easy and fast as possible. It does not matter whether the technology inside the container is intended for the gas industry (regulation set), water industry (water treatment plant) or, for example, the food industry (container brewery), our employees can meet all requirements.

Likewise, heating cabinets and elements also find a wide interdisciplinary application. Raw materials used in the food industry, the chemical industry and, for example, in construction, require a constant storage temperature.

In addition, we supply material from our own quarry for the construction industry under the HUTIRA brand. We also offer work with a mobile suction excavator (MSB), with the use of which we have many years of experience. It is an invaluable assistant especially in places with limited space and can be used for the extraction of various types of materials (solid, dusty and liquid).

Specific services and products for industry in our portfolio

AMARC heating cabinets and systems

Heating cabinets and systems from the renowned Italian company AMARC have been in our portfolio since 2014. They are used for clean, safe and economical heating wherever it is necessary to keep stored materials at a certain temperature or where it is necessary to increase their temperature before processing. Detailed information, catalogues and a price list can be found on the specialized website

AMARC heating cabinets and systems are suitable for clients from all industries, from the food industry to the chemical industry to the construction industry.

Container designs

Container designs are widely used across all branches of industry and it is the company HUTIRA – BRNO that has extensive experience with their production and installation. In the container design for the gas and heating industry, we supply gas regulation stations, and for the water industry, our HUTIRA CCW water treatment plants. We also have experience in the food industry, because we can also supply a mobile brewery in a container design.

Mobile suction excavator (MSB)

This technology is a very efficient, fast and powerful solution and has a wide range of applications wherever unwanted material needs to be removed. The mobile suction excavator is located on the chassis of a truck adapted for this purpose. It sucks up water, dust, mud, dirt, gravel, stones and other materials up to a diameter of 20 cm and a weight of 20 kg/piece. More detailed information on the entire technology is available at

Our own quarry

Through our subsidiary HUTIRA – OMICE, we have been a reliable supplier of aggregates and other building materials in the South Moravian Region for decades. We mine and process diorite and biotite gneiss in our own quarry, and we also purchase and recycle construction waste. More at

Biomethane production

In keeping with our environmentally friendly approach, we support environmental projects. That is why we have prepared a comprehensive offer for the production of biomethane from biogas for the operators of biogas plants and WWTPs within the greening of the gas industry. If you are interested in a solution in this area, please contact a HUTIRA green gas representative. For more information see

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