Who we are

More than a dozen partner companies, one philosophy. The HUTIRA brand means doing things in an honest and gentle way. Regardless of whether it is gas, water, energy or biomethane. High-quality know-how, a professional approach and the top quality of the offered products rank us among the experts who turn ideas into reality.

“With respect for nature” is the motto that tells our story. We humbly accept the gifts that nature gives us and in return we try to take care of her as best we can. On the professional side, we follow and develop new ecological trends, such as the treatment of low-quality water for drinking or the processing of waste materials into bioCNG. On the social side, we actively support projects that protect the environment in which we live.

Just as we care for the environment, we also care for the fields in which we operate. We are active members of industry organizations, we participate in the creation of technical standards, we cooperate with schools to educate new experts, we also organize professional training in our accredited training center.

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Business with an environmental face and motivating others to be environmentally responsible

The strategic vision of our company is to preserve and develop the tradition and good name of the HUTIRA brand, to maintain and strengthen its position at all levels. Our intention is to create the best conditions for our customers, business partners and interested parties, while at the same time positively contributing to the improvement of the environment and enforcing measures to prevent its pollution. Our effort is to influence our suppliers and customers so that they too are environmentally friendly and prefer companies that have an established environmental management system according to the ISO 14001 standard. By supporting ecologically focused projects, we want to contribute to reducing the ecological burden and carbon footprint.

Focus on circular economy, sustainable development and renewable resources

Circular economy, sustainable development and renewable resources are the directions on which we have been focusing our business in recent years and we intend to continue to do so in the future. We have been operating on the market for more than 30 years, introducing innovative solutions and technologies across all fields. Efficient management of water resources, water treatment and its recycling, green gas industry – biomethane production or waste processing or photovoltaics, inverters and battery storage, these are the segments we deal with and at the same time we perceive much greater potential in these fields in the future, for example in use of CO2 in the production of biomethane or in the production of hydrogen. We are already working on these topics and technologies today, and we intend to continue doing so with even greater intensity. Our vision and our goal is to create maximum prerequisites for fulfilling the sustainability and development of life on Earth with respect for the environment, under the motto "With respect for nature".

The high-quality and responsible work of each employee is a guarantee of the company's success

Each of our employees is convinced of the importance of quality and the environment for the prosperity of the company, knows his responsibility and his position. The high-quality and responsible work of each employee is a guarantee of the company's success. Our workers are selected on the basis of professional, but also higher moral qualities. Employees are the bearers of our company's performance thanks to comprehensive training, continuous education and management support. Through good mutual communication, we want to deepen the relationship and belonging to society. The basis of the system
is a professionally strong, stable and satisfied collective of workers. We make sure that all activities in the company are accompanied by consistent protection of the health of employees.


During the first decade, the HUTIRA brand grew from a small private company to a thriving company with a divisional structure, which at the time already employed almost 80 employees.

The foundation stone of the HUTIRA brand was laid by Ivo Hutira Sr. at the quarry in Omice, where the original plant was established, focusing on the quarry mining activities. Subsequently, in the 1990s, after the Velvet Revolution, demand for construction grew, as did its own construction production, and the company quickly adapted to fill this gap in the field of construction and line construction. In addition to its own mining activities, it also dug wells and, as part of its mining authorisations, carried out several demolition orders with the help of blasting technology, “blowing up” buildings and structures. One of the last buildings to be “blown up” in the city of Brno was a building on the corner of Úzká and Nové sady, and the demolition was carried out by HUTIRA.

The company achieved significant expansion and specialisation in implementing gas facilities, reconstruction and construction of gas boilers, as the across-the-board gasification of municipalities and cities in this decade experienced a significant boom. As a result, the company soon became active in the gas industry. With growing demand for new technologies, the cornerstones were laid for collaboration with foreign partners CICH CHAPPEÉ (cast iron gas boilers) and FRANCEL (regulating gas technology).

A foreign branch is established in Slovakia.


In 2000, the individual divisions of the private company Ivo Hutira were separated into separate legal entities, thus creating three key companies bearing the HUTIRA brand in their names. Thus, HUTIRA PSV IVANČICE continued to focus on the construction and reconstruction of line gas pipelines and became a major gas supplier. HUTIRA – BRNO strengthened its position in the field of gas technology controls and launched one novelty after another: underground control stations, farm stations and a mobile suction dredger, and also started to focus on water supply, with compact water meter shafts. The FRANCEL brand, together with Italian manufacturer TARTARINI, joins the international company EMERSON and HUTIRA becomes an integral part and a leader in control technology in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

HUTIRA – BRNO successfully implements a quality system with ISO certification, and begins preparations for the construction of a new headquarters.

At the same time, we are carrying out significant contracts not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in faraway Pakistan in Asia.

HUTIRA – OMICE continues to focus on its original activities – gravel mining and purchasing construction waste, and fulfils contracts in the field of building foundations. In part of the quarry, it carries out the construction of a photovoltaic power plant, develops production and machinery, and becomes a certified supplier of gravel for railway purposes.


Even in its third decade of operations, the HUTIRA brand has not been resting on its laurels. We have successfully completed the construction of a new headquarters and warehouse, to which we moved both production and administration. Two more foreign branches were added to the HUTIRA family, this time in Serbia and Ukraine, and we fulfilled several foreign deliveries including the completion of our first African contract in Ghana.

New HUTIRA companies are being established – VISION and HUTIRA green gas – we continue to support new and environmental projects, and we are launching new water treatment technologies under the HUTIRA CCW brand. In the quarry, we are changing the ownership structure and fulfilling ever larger orders with a new efficient machinery fleet. The same is true in HUTIRA PSV IVANČICE.

In connection with the urgent need to protect the environment, we are increasingly focusing on protecting and supporting it, entrepreneurship with an environmental aspect, recognising the importance of using a circular economy, renewable resources and the motto “with respect for nature, proceed with humility”, our own responsibility and a personal approach from every employee, we’re strengthening HUTIRA’s tradition and good name.


In 2023, we decided to streamline our processes. Three of our companies are merging under the new parent company HUTIRA s.r.o.

The companies HUTIRA – BRNO, s.r.o., ATJ special, s.r.o. and HUTIRA – VISION, s.r.o. merged under the parent company HUTIRA s.r.o. from January 1, 2023. This merger should significantly streamline internal processes and simplify the appearance of the brand externally. The key industries of the merged companies are thus newly represented by the main divisions within the new company.

We are a family company

What was started by a father and son has grown into a whole family of companies. In each of them, we ensure there is a friendly atmosphere, forged not only by lasting successes and progress in innovation, but also by satisfied people. Each of our employees becomes an integral part of the Hutira family, which today consists of more than 150 members.

We don’t stay in one place

We want to develop and grow. We are building a brand that will be here with you and for you for the next 30, 50, and 100 years.

Our legacy

Sometimes we are stubborn because we believe that the direction we want to go is the right one. But that is why we have something to look back on.

High quality products and services

Our services and products have a common denominator – first-class quality and the guarantee that we are really serious about what we do. Regardless of the field.


For 33 years on the market, we have collected a number of awards that have made us happy and of which we can be proud.


Because we value quality and want to be its guarantor, we have a number of certificates that prove that we are serious about our work.

We believe in sustainable development

Respecting the environment in which we live is the key to the future. That is why we strive for sustainable solutions, respect the company's environmental behaviour and reduce the negative effects on the environment and the carbon footprint.

Go green campaign

As part of the activities of the Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce, we initiated the creation of a campaign called Go green! Its aim is to support and present the environmental activities of RHK Brno member companies and to motivate other companies to do “green” activities.

Partnership with the Institute of Circular Economy INCIEN

HUTIRA Group has been a partner of the Institute of Circular Economy since 2021. Our two organizations share a common goal – the effort to introduce the theme of sustainability into the everyday life of citizens, companies and institutions.

Faces of the Hutira brand

Behind every success are our employees, the people of various professions, whose work for the HUTIRA brand we value.

Good relationships

We care about good team relationships- HUTIRA is not just about work, but also about friendship. We are constantly working to make us work better together.

Personal development

In order for HUTIRA to develop, the people in it must also develop. We are happy to help them in that as well. Whether it is professional training or language courses, we can support and appreciate the interest in new knowledge.

Healthy employees

From the support of sports through healthy sitting posture to above-standard medical examinations. The health of our people is a real priority for us.

We support and help

Those who do well have a duty to help. Therefore, HUTIRA annually supports an average of 40 projects and foundations.