Donations to people, foundations, associations or non-profit organizations have long been part of the philosophy and activities of the HUTIRA brand. This year was no different. Our help was directed to charity, culture, sports and education.

Our long-standing assistance and support in the field of education of high school students in the gas industry, for whom we organize educational events and excursions in our training and production facilities in order to deepen their interest in this indispensable and rapidly developing field, especially in the field of biomethane, is also highly appreciated.

In January 2023, we presented the future of the gas industry to the students of the zero year of the Gas Equipment Mechanic course at the Polytechnic High School in Kyjov, with which we have been cooperating for a long time, on a field trip to our company’s headquarters in Popůvky. This shortened one-year course was prepared by the school with the opening date of the first year in September this year, i.e. for the school year 2023/2024.

In February, the recruitment of graduates for the field of Gas Equipment Mechanic took place at the Polytechnic Secondary School in Kyjov, which was attended by about 40 apprentices and, in addition to representatives of our company HUTIRA s.r.o., representatives of GasNet, s.r.o., NET4GAS, s.r.o. and Montpetrol were also present. At this event, the representatives of the cited companies informed the participants about the work activities they will undergo during the school year in their apprenticeships. And so it happened. Our company has already hosted 3 students from this school during September-November this year. Their internship with us included 133 working hours and during this time they got to know our company and all the activities according to the assigned and pre-agreed plan. According to the agreement, 4 more students will complete their internship with us in March-May 2024.

One of the schools with which we have been cooperating for a long time is the Secondary School of Crafts in Frýdek-Místek. For this school we have manufactured and delivered a functional two-stage control station including filtration and gas flow measurement. It was assembled in such a way that it is possible to simulate the commissioning of gas pressure regulators, the adjustment of output pressures and the shut-off values of safety quick release valves. The pupils can thus better apply the knowledge acquired at school in practice.

In March, during the Building Fair, the finals of the “Gasman of the Year 2023” competition were held at the Brno Exhibition Centre. This competition is intended annually for secondary school pupils and its aim is to reward the most talented pupils and to contribute to the visibility of apprenticeship education. The organizer was the Secondary School of Building Crafts Brno-Bosonohy and representatives of our company were present. Our gas specialist Tomáš Ševčík sat on the expert jury and the competition was also supported by the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Ing. Hynek Faktor.

In April, we welcomed students from the Secondary School of Crafts, Frýdek-Místek, as part of an excursion to our premises. This time 25 students visited us for the excursion and we gave them a glimpse into the real workings of the company. The students had the opportunity to see the entire premises, learn about the history and portfolio of our company. In the training room, they were able to see demonstrations of gas installations with control technology installed in working control lines.

From the Secondary School of Building Crafts Brno-Bosonohy, with which we have also been cooperating for a long time, we received a thank you from Mgr. Roman Kominek, Deputy Director for Education Outside the Classroom, which we would like to share with you because it assured us that we are doing a good thing:

“Dear partners in the field of gas equipment mechanics and the school as such,

Let me thank you for your support and cooperation during the school year and up to the culmination of the school year – the Apprenticeship event.

Your valuable donations added to the richness of the event and put a stamp on the significance of this day for the graduates.

I trust that our cooperation will continue to develop and that we will be in closer contact throughout the year, because without mutual cooperation there will be no students, and consequently no staff for you.

So once again, a big thank you and we’ll be back in September….”

Our company regularly supports education. In the training centre in Popůvky we welcome not only students of secondary vocational schools, but also colleagues from the industry. We will be happy to organize an educational excursion for you as well. Just write to us at: