The Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce has compiled a ranking of the ten most successful small and medium-sized enterprises in the South Moravian Region. The award ceremony of the first year of the SME4FUTURE competition took place on 30 November in Brno, at the Reduta Theatre, and we are very pleased to be ranked in the top five.

The competition is a continuation of the earlier traditional TOP SME competition, when the Regional Chamber of Commerce Brno also evaluated the economic stability of small and medium-sized companies in the South Moravian Region. In contrast, SMEs4FUTURE evaluates more aspects of business that affect the competitiveness and future development of companies.

The aim of the SMEs4FUTURE competition, which is implemented with the financial support of the South Moravian Region, was to determine the readiness of regional companies for future market development. The competition consisted of several phases. After the announcement in April, companies meeting the basic nomination conditions could apply for SMEs4FUTURE.

210 companies were nominated. Only the top 10 companies were then selected for the finals, which were evaluated in four areas – economic management and health of the company, level of digitalisation, level of information and cyber security and environmental sustainability. After summing up the points from all these areas, the Regional Chamber of Commerce then compiled a ranking of the 10 most successful South Moravian companies and HUTIRA took a beautiful 4th place.

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