It is important to discuss the use of renewables not only at European but also at national level. Therefore, HUTIRA is actively participating in the debates on the production and use of green gas not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia. This is all thanks to our activities related to biomethane, our strong know-how in the gas industry and our knowledge of the market in Slovakia, where we have been operating through our subsidiary HUTIRA Slovakia for over 20 years.


HUTIRA is continuously expanding its activities in the field of renewable energy. We see the greatest potential in biomethane, which is why, for example, we were one of the signatories of the Biomethane Declaration under the auspices of the European Biogas Association. We are also involved in the biomethane plant project for Zemědělské družstvo chovatelů a pěstitelů Litomyšl, and we are active in Slovakia as well. Our subsidiary HUTIRA Slovakia became a member of the Slovak Biogas Association and immediately participated in the professional conference Future of Biogas in Slovakia 2022, which was organised by the Association. The conference focused, among other things, on the transformation of biogas plants to biomethane production, but also on the current energy crisis.


“Our Czech colleagues are currently completing the installation of biomethane production technology at the ZDCHP Litomyšl agricultural biogas plant. The biomethane produced there from biogas will then be injected into the gas network and also used for transport purposes at a nearby CNG station. We believe that thanks to the project we are implementing in Litomyšl, we can pass on a lot of experience to Slovak biogas plant operators,” says Ivan Junga, Director of HUTIRA Slovakia, who presented biomethane production and processing technologies at the conference. In addition to the project in Litomyšl, he also presented another ongoing project where a biomethane plant will be built at the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Prague.

As a matter of fact, biogas can also be obtained from sewage sludge in addition to biological waste. Biomethane, which is produced by processing such biogas, therefore plays an indispensable role in the energy independence of both countries.