Last month, employees of the gas company GasNet visited the main office of HUTIRA-BRNO in Popůvky. In addition to an interesting discussion on the possibilities for the use and future of gas, the fifteen employees could also take a look at gas technologies such as regulating stations.

This time, procurement specialists from GasNet took a tour of HUTIRA – BRNO, led by Lukáš Petrčka. At the company, which is the largest gas distributor in the Czech Republic, they are responsible for drawing up budgets for the renovation of local networks. The visitors therefore appreciated they could see a demonstration of gas equipment with regulating technology in the training room they do not normally encounter but about which they make decisions in their work.

The visitors from GasNet received the most interesting experience from the gas industry, in which HUTIRA – BRNO has been operating for 30 years. The reward for the whole HUTIRA – BRNO team was a thank you from David Petr, GasNet’s Head of Construction Budgeting, who said the meeting was a pleasant break from routine work.

Although HUTIRA – BRNO focuses mainly on the distribution of gas regulating devices, it is also dedicated to education in the field of gas industry, especially specializing in gas pressure regulation. The company regularly welcomes more than 500 people a year in its training centre. Based on this experience, we were included in the “Training Centre Register in the System of Vocational Training in the Gas Sector (OPV System)” in 2019 and we hold a “Certificate of a Training Centre Registration in the OPV System”.

In addition to training for designers or assembly and service workers, HUTIRA – BRNO also offers individual training with the programme tailored to those interested.

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