Helping war-torn Ukraine has become a top priority for the HUTIRA Group companies. Representatives of HUTIRA – BRNO immediately responded to the demand of the South Moravian Region for a power generator, which was to be part of humanitarian aid to Uzhhorod in western Ukraine. The company also sent a mobile water treatment plant and a fully loaded special container for medical purposes to the country.

At the beginning of March, HUTIRA – BRNO lent its power generator to the South Moravian Region. Together with three ambulances with paramedics and firefighters, it was sent to Uzhhorod, western Ukraine, on 4 March. This city is one of the areas where Czech emergency services help the people of Ukraine affected by the war.

“When the South Moravian Region asked us on 3 March if we could lend a power generator which would be sent with the dispatched ambulances, we took it for granted and immediately complied. Eventually, all three ambulances left Brno the very next morning,” said Hynek Faktor, Director of HUTIRA – BRNO. The power generator will help paramedics and firefighters generate electricity even under difficult conditions.

HUTIRA is stepping up its efforts to help Ukraine

 All individual companies of the HUTIRA Group have gradually become involved in helping Ukraine. The representative of the HUTIRA brand, Ivo Hutira, appealed to the employees to actively participate in these activities and to try to help personally, if possible.

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine significantly exacerbated the problem of drinking water shortages, HUTIRA – VISION sent a mobile water treatment plant to the country, which can provide access to drinking water to all who need it in a crisis situation. “In much of Ukraine, the water pipes were damaged by shelling. Obtaining water from a mobile treatment plant is a solution, albeit only temporary. In the future, it will be necessary to find a solution to put the original water distribution systems back into operation, so HUTIRA ATJ has also stepped in to select the range of products to assist in repairing destroyed water mains,” said Petr Hajný, Director of HUTIRA – VISION, who, together with other colleagues, personally transported the water treatment plant to the affected area and handed it over on the spot.

HUTIRA – BRNO employees also produced a special container for medical purposes for Ukraine, which is used at the border crossing in Uzhhorod. Many employees from our entire team got involved and lent a helping hand to Ukrainian refugees by contributing material or financial donations. Michal Vala, who is responsible for communication and export of material assistance, has been helping with translations in aid centres. Klára Danilkova is also involved in communication with Ukrainian centres and is responsible for the list of supplies that the HUTIRA brand exports to Ukraine. Our colleague Ivan Junga from HUTIRA Slovakia has been trying to arrange accommodation in the village of Východná for people from Ukraine.

Many other companies and individuals have joined HUTIRA in helping Ukraine and we would like to thank them:

  • Aleš Černý for applying decals to the container.
  • Radovan Skalský for transporting the container to Uzhhorod.
  • The Customs Office of the South Moravian Region for swift clearance of the shipment.
  • Linet for providing the Praktika hospital bed, including a mattress.
  • Bika for sending four pallets of humanitarian supplies and toiletries.
  • Mr Svitálek for shutting down his metalworking production and providing a discount.
  • Mr Chmelař for providing PVC material.

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