On 5 August, ATJ special dealt with a Cla-Val control valve failure. The quick response of the service engineer resolved the unstable pressure conditions in the supply network of the town of Chrudim and prevented further failures.

 At the beginning of August, ATJ special dealt with unstable pressure conditions in the Chrudim supply network. It was caused by coarse debris being transported through the water pipes, which, over time, caused the internal mechanism of the Cla-Val control valve to become impassable. After their removal, the valve started to work reliably and correctly again.

The service engineer stabilized the operating pressure for most of the town. His response therefore prevented failures in the supply network of Vodárenská společnost Chrudim, a.s. Quality service and 100% successfully resolved service cases are naturally a matter of course for ATJ special. This was also the case in Chrudim, where the engineer was able to respond in the evening and within twenty-four hours of the report.

In addition to emergency repairs, ATJ special experts also focus on regular warranty and post-warranty servicing of control valves. The company offers water treatment technologies and a comprehensive water supply range, from taps and house service pipes to hydrants. The range is not only for large companies, but also for individual users. For example, the company supplies small water meter boxes for owners of family houses or cottages. These boxes can be fitted with a water meter so that it is more accessible. The boxes themselves take up minimal space and save installation costs.