The REPowerEU plan, announced by the European Commission on 18 May, aims to help end Europe’s dependence on Russian fossil fuels. The European Biogas Association (EBA), which HUTIRA green gas is part of, summarises that biomethane plays a key role in the European Commission’s plan to achieve a more sustainable and sovereign energy system.

REPowerEU aims to present solutions to ensure Europe’s energy independence. It was introduced in May in response to Russian aggression in Ukraine. One of its main goals is to rapidly break Europe’s dependence on Russian gas.

Together with REPowerEU, the European Commission also announced the Biomethane Action Plan. It aims to produce 35 billion cubic metres of biomethane by 2030, making it one of the main alternative energy sources. “The REPowerEU plan has shown that European politicians are very positive about biomethane. By 2030, the EU wants to produce 35 billion cubic metres of biomethane,” said Monika Zitterbartová, PR and Marketing Director of HUTIRA.

The Czech Republic and Slovakia are also responding to the need for biomethane production. “We are pleased to be able to participate in domestic projects thanks to our many years of experience in the gas industry. An example is the biomethane plant project in Litomyšl, which is currently undergoing construction. Its trial run is planned for this autumn. The biogas plant in Litomyšl is expected to produce 1.7 million m3 of biomethane per year,” adds Ms Zitterbartová, who is also the Executive Director of HUTIRA green gas, which acts in the project, together with its parent company HUTIRA – BRNO, as the general contractor of the complete technological solution

HUTIRA green gas is dedicated to complex solutions for biogas to biomethane treatment and especially its injection into the gas network. It has been a member of the European Biogas Association (EBA) since last year. It is this organisation that is now responding to REPowerEU and summarising the benefits of biomethane for the European energy mix.

Success lies in cooperation

For example, the EBA pointed out the need to define specific objectives for an EU strategy regarding energy transformation in peripheral areas and to support integrated energy solutions specifically in rural areas. “At least in the Czech Republic, biomethane plants will appear near larger cities in the future. The main reason is the fact that there is a concentrated source of raw materials for biomethane production in these locations as well as the possibility to make a connection to the gas network,” adds Ms Zitterbartová.

The non-profit organisation EBA aims to support the implementation of sustainable biogas production and use in Europe. Its members include national biogas associations, institutes and companies from more than 20 countries across Europe. The member associations represent the majority of biogas producers, companies, consultants and researchers in Europe. HUTIRA green gas is the only Czech production, supply and development company that is currently a member of the Association.

Source:  New Biomethane Industrial Partnership announced in REPowerEU | European Biogas Association