HUTIRA Slovakia, s.r.o., has retained the rank of a solvent company. It has been on the list, compiled annually by Dun & Bradstreet, since 2017. The Slovak-based company is the third HUTIRA company to receive the award.

Every year, Dun & Bradstreet places those companies on the list that meet the condition of solvency and can therefore be considered respectable and reputable by business partners. HUTIRA Slovakia, s.r.o., was also included in this list for the sixth time.

“Dun & Bradstreet’s certification assessment has strict conditions. That is why I am pleased that our company has succeeded in meeting them several times. The certificate is internationally recognized and makes us one of the leading companies not only in Slovakia but also in the Czech Republic. This shows our business partners that they are working with an economically stable partner,” explains Ivan Junga, Director of HUTIRA Slovakia, s.r.o.

HUTIRA Slovakia has therefore joined the ranks of other subsidiaries of the HUTIRA family. HUTIRA – BRNO, s.r.o., has held this certificate since 2013. ATJ special, s.r.o., managed to obtain the certificate this year.

HUTIRA Slovakia, s.r.o., was established as a subsidiary of the HUTIRA Group in 1997. It is currently one of the largest Slovak suppliers of equipment and components for pressure regulation, filtration and natural gas consumption measurement. However, the company is also engaged in the production of regulation sets, which are mainly used in the refurbishment of gas pipeline networks and in individual housing construction. In addition to activities focused on the gas industry, the company is also involved in the water industry, where it offers a wide portfolio of water meter boxes and fittings for water networks.