Regulator Replacement for a Safer Gas Supply

It is not always possible to perform a complete renovation and replace all the old equipment with a new one. There are various reasons for partial overhaul procedures. Where it is not possible to carry out a complete reconstruction, it is still important to replace the core components of the gas supply system. This usually applies to replacement of regulators that will allow for further safe operation of the station.

This was the case of Tempering s.r.o. company in Hlohovec town. Our colleagues from the HUTIRA Slovakia s.r.o. Company carried out the renewal of three regulator clusters – they replaced separate regulators and slam shut valves with modern FISHER CSB 424 regulators with integrated slam shut valves. The regulators were installed with inlet pressure of 90kPa with outlet pressure of 15kPa and capacity of 150Nm3/h.

Thanks to the intervention described above, the gas supply is again safely ensured for the local House of Culture, the House of Services and the Polyclinic .