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In 2017, we had an interesting project in Kyjov recreation facility in the Hutisko-Solanec village (Roznov pod Radhostem region). There, a well had been supplying low quality water with a high content of Fe/Mn. This recreation facility can accommodate as much as 120 people. The water is used for drinking, showers and toilets. Throughout each summer, there are different groups counting usually 90 children/youths and 30 adults (staff).

To resolve the water quality problem, our expert team decided to install a 500l pressure vessel, a UV lamp, a pulse flow meter, automatic oxidant-dosing device and a highly effective water treatment filter. As a result, the Fe/Mn concentrations met all the applicable quality standards.

After two years of successful operation, we have recently added a brand new storage tank that ensures that there is always enough drinking water even during the daily peak periods. To control water pressure in the entire water supply system, a modern ATS pressure station has been installed on the site as well.

More information about our HUTIRA CCW water treatment technology can be found HERE.