There are many situations that can lead to people being cut off from drinking water supply. In times of drought, during water supply network emergencies, natural disasters or war conflicts, the mobile water treatment plants from HUTIRA – VISION are used. They can prepare drinking water from alternative water sources and are a more environmentally friendly solution compared to conventional bottled water. Last but not least, they also simplify the logistics of drinking water supply.

 Mobile water treatment plants are most often used in the Czech Republic during shutdowns of large stationary water treatment plants, which are quite frequent in the Czech Republic, considering their number. “The operators of water supply facilities, or municipalities, have to deal with the very pressing problem of how to ensure a continuous supply of drinking water to consumers in these situations. Renting or using a mobile water treatment plant is a very elegant and efficient solution. They are also available for possible crisis situations,” explains Petr Hajný, Director of HUTIRA – VISION.

These include, for example, droughts that affect Czech municipalities every year. According to data from the Intersucho project, extreme droughts affect up to 20 percent of the Czech Republic. Therefore, the Administration of State Material Reserves also has containerised versions of water treatment plants. “In case of drought, the use of a water treatment plant also depends on whether the municipality is within reach of a sufficiently abundant source that can be treated. This may include wells, rivers, dams or ponds, which can be used to help provide supplies in an emergency,” added Petr Hajný.

Water treatment plants can directly treat surface water, so they only need to be placed next to a river, for example. Municipalities or companies can use mobile water treatment plants either in the form of a container or on a car trailer. The transport and installation of the container version is a bit more complicated, but it can treat a much larger volume of water.

Mobile water treatment plants are used during natural disasters such as floods, but the military can put them to use as well. For example, the armed forces can use mobile treatment plants during exercises, which, in many cases, take place in the field with difficult access to drinking water. The same applies to places of real conflict, such as the current war in Ukraine.

It is in these locations that mobile water treatment plants from HUTIRA – VISION are now helping provide the local population with access to drinking water, which is currently complicated due to the destroyed infrastructure.