On 22 July, HUTIRA – OMICE carried out another in a series of blasting operations at a quarry in South Moravia. The quarried aggregates are destined for customers that include both large construction companies and individuals. In addition to professional use, for example in concrete, asphalt mixtures, roads, runways and other surfaces for traffic operation, the aggregate is also suitable for private customers, who can use it during the construction of houses or garden landscaping.

Although blasting is an everyday job for us, it can be an interesting event for the uninitiated. You can see what such a blast looks like in the video:

In addition to aggregates and quarry stone, HUTIRA – OMICE offers its customers services related to the demolition of structures, disposal of debris and excavated material and other work with heavy equipment. The Omice company is also involved in recycling and offers the purchase and resale of construction waste, especially Class I and II soil.