In December 2022, we completed and handed over the groundwater treatment technology in the new industrial complex GLP Park Brno Holubice. Together with the water treatment plant, we have ensured that the wastewater from the water treatment process is used to flush toilets throughout the complex, saving drinking water.


We designed a water conservation system for a major logistics complex between Brno and Vyskov. We delivered water treatment technology for the site. A multi-stage water treatment technology was chosen, with a set of 4 pressure filters supplemented by two reverse osmosis units, which are housed in an insulated and air-conditioned container. The treatment plant has an output of 7.2 m3/h and is also fitted with an automatic control system with remote management. The control system monitors pumped raw water, treated water and the amount of wastewater. Among other things, it also measures the quality of the treated water in real time by monitoring the free chlorine content, the water level in the water tank and the current flow rates, and can even report any equipment failures or pipe leaks in a timely manner.

“Apart from the fact that the contract was tailor-made, it was also interesting in terms of the challenging coordination of cooperation between several companies working on the construction of the on-site distribution systems. During the construction, we also used many water infrastructure components from the portfolio of the former ATJ,” says Petr Hajný, Director of the Water Division of HUTIRA s.r.o. As announced in the news before the end of last year, ATJ special s.r.o., HUTIRA – VISION s.r.o. and HUTIRA – BRNO s.r.o. merged under the new company HUTIRA s.r.o. in January, also in order to be able to offer our customers comprehensive water and gas products and services under a single company.


Our technologies save money and nature

Before commissioning the system at GLP Park Brno Holubice, we had to carry out pilot tests due to poor groundwater quality. The reason was the high content of ammonium ions, the removal of which is technologically very demanding.

The results of the pilot test confirmed that the treatment technology was chosen properly and the complex, which is a low-energy site, will be able to use water efficiently, including the wastewater from the treatment process to flush toilets throughout the site.

The demand for innovative water management technologies is becoming more and more common among companies. In this respect, we offer our customers tailor-made projects and, thanks to our broad portfolio of water systems, we ensure their integration into a functional unit. In addition to treatment plants, companies are offered, for example, plants for the production of process water, which is used in the production process and often becomes part of the product.

In addition to these comprehensive solutions for large companies, we also offer a range of water distribution products for individual users, such as water meter boxes, house service pipes and hydrants.