We demonstrated the future of the gas industry to the foundation students of the Gas Equipment Engineer programme at our company’s headquarters. The Secondary Polytechnic School in Kyjov will open this short programme from the school year 2023/2024.

One of the problems the gas industry has faced in recent years is a shortage of professionals. The field is constantly evolving and facing new challenges. Renewable energy sources or biomethane are areas that should be developed by trained gas engineers in the future. The Secondary Polytechnic School in Kyjov, which has been a long-term partner of HUTIRA, will therefore open a follow-up programme of Gas Equipment Engineer this year, with the graduates obtaining a second certificate of apprenticeship after just one year.

HUTIRA recently invited students of the gas programme to its headquarters in Popuvky. The students were given a presentation on our portfolio products, regulation technology and the gas industry in general. The advantages of this profession and future prospects were presented to the students by our colleagues Tomáš Stone and Pavel Novák. “The shortage of trained gas engineers on the labour market demonstrates the high demand for and appreciation of this field. We would therefore like to support the students as much as possible, which is why we also offer practical placements supervised by our experts,” says Tomáš Stone.

The owner of HUTIRA, Ivo Hutira, also encouraged the students in his short presentation and assured them that despite unfavourable news and information from the media, the field has great potential for future graduates.