33 years on the market

The HUTIRA brand has been synonymous with quality for more than 30 years.

150 employees

What started with one courageous man 33 years ago has already climbed to 150. And we keep growing.

11 companies

There are already 11 companies covered by brand HUTIRA

7 service centres

The HUTIRA brand has a total of 6 service centres with a professionally trained team in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

About us


Gas industry, water industry, energy and biomethane. In these fields, first-class quality must be an absolute priority. We have been aware of this since the very beginning of the HUTIRA brand. That is why the maximum emphasis on quality has become one of the fundamental pillars of our business.


We have been operating on the Czech market since 1990. During that time, we have become a renowned and traditional brand that provides our clients with the assurance of an experienced partner, whom they will be able to rely on at any time in the future.


We strive to maintain the highest possible standard in everything we do. We place great emphasis on the expertise and continuous education of our employees. As suppliers, we choose reliable partners who share the same values as we do.


You can rely on the HUTIRA brand. We guarantee every product and every service we provide, not only according to the law, but most importantly our reputation, which we value above all else.

Respect for nature

Respecting the environment in which we live is the key to the future. That is why we strive for sustainable solutions, respect the company’s environmental behaviour and reduce the negative effects on the environment and the carbon footprint.

Social Responsibility

We are well aware that responsibility comes with success. The HUTIRA brand looks after its employees and its surroundings and actively seeks opportunities where it can lend a helping hand or support a good project.

11 reputable companies, one common denominator. The HUTIRA brand is a guarantee of a stable partner who is not afraid of new challenges. It has been operating on the Czech market for 33 years, focusing on the gas, water, biomethane and energy sectors. High-quality know-how, professional approach and top quality of offered products place the company among the experts who turn ideas into reality.

Nearly a dozen partner companies are united by a single philosophy – to do things honestly and sustainably. “With respect for nature” is the motto that tells the story of HUTIRA, a company that humbly accepts the gifts that nature gives us and in return tries to take the best possible care of it. Professionally, it follows and develops new ecological trends such as the treatment of poor quality water into potable water or the processing of waste substances into bioCNG, bio LNG or biomethane injected into the grid. Socially, he actively supports projects that protect the environment we live in.

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We begin

It was Ivo Hutira Sr. who stood at the beginning of it all, giving direction to the future operation of the company. Thus, the journey of the company was smoothly led from the excavation of wells to the gas industry.


We grow even more…

Several sectional limited liability companies grew out of a single company, each with its own specialization. Water was added to gas, we are ranked among the top innovators on the Czech market.


....and more

We continue to grow and innovate. We move to new headquarters in Popuvky. We are achieving success, leading us to focus even more on the environment.


We merge and streamline

We are streamlining our processes. Three of our companies are merging under the new parent company HUTIRA s.r.o.

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Gas, water, energy and biomethane. Our mission is to bring high standards, honest work and responsibility for our environment to all areas of our operations.


We provide comprehensive services for the gas industry in the Czech Republic and abroad. We represent the renowned gas industry brands EMERSON, FISHER, TARTARINI, CAHORS, and others. We offer both classic and container solutions for regulation equipment. Our experts are ready to handle your requests in a professional manner.


Our domain for the water industry is mainly our own water treatment plants HUTIRA CCW, which effectively solve the problem of drinking water shortage. In the more traditional water supply area, we offer small water meter shafts, which are the optimal solution for connecting customers to the water supply line, as well as a complete water supply range. We are here for you.


In line with our environmentally friendly approach, we support environmental projects. Therefore, as part of the greening of the gas industry, we have prepared a comprehensive offer for biomethane production from biogas for operators of biogas plants and wastewater treatment plants.


We consider energy self-sufficiency to be an important topic, which is why we have expanded our offer to include alternative energy technologies. The portfolio includes inverters, batteries, battery storage, kits, heat pumps and MaR.

Main companies

HUTIRA s.r.o.

is a new parent company from 2023, which was formed by the merger of three companies HUTIRA - BRNO, s.r.o., ATJ special, s.r.o. and HUTIRA - VISION, s.r.o....

HUTIRA green gas s.r.o.

HUTIRA green gas is a dynamic company that offers comprehensive technical solutions for the conversion of biogas to biomethane and its subsequent use....

HUTIRA – OMICE, s.r.o.

The company HUTIRA – OMICE has been operating independently since 2000 and building on the original activities of Ivo Hutira Sr. since 1990. During that...


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