HUTIRA – VISION supplied water treatment technology to the Brno Psychiatric Hospital. People will be able to start consuming well water, which will be completely safe.

Raw water, whether surface or groundwater, contains some problematic elements that could cause health complications after drinking. The most common such elements are iron and manganese. Experts found elevated concentrations of these elements in the water from a well on the premises of the Brno Psychiatric Hospital. “What undesirable elements the well water may contain also depends on its location. However, testing at the Brno Psychiatric Hospital showed only an increased concentration of iron and manganese. Their content is usually not caused or influenced by human activity, but rather by the geological structure of the subsoil,” says Petr Hajný, Director of HUTIRA – VISION.

The new HUTIRA – VISION water treatment technology will help ensure the water from the well at the Brno Psychiatric Hospital is safe to drink. Although elevated concentrations of iron and manganese in the water are not directly life-threatening, their removal from the water is desirable because they form sediments in home plumbing, which can then harbour unwanted bacteria. The safe concentration of these two elements is specified in Decree No. 252/2004 Coll.

“Water treatment takes place in several steps. We have provided this particular system with an aeration device to first aerate the water. Thanks to the filters, trace elements of iron and manganese are subsequently removed from the water. In addition, the pumped water at the hospital has a high calcium content, which causes the water to be too hard. Therefore, we added duplex softening filters containing softening cation exchange resin as the last part of the filtration,” Petr Hajný describes the entire water treatment process and says that he and his colleagues sought the best possible solution for this contract as well.

The presence of some more common problematic elements or substances in raw water does not mean that its treatment is always easier. While some elements may not present a major obstacle to treatment, others require sophisticated procedures. HUTIRA – VISION experts must always look for the best possible solutions regarding a given case.

Moreover, the entire water treatment technology at the Brno Psychiatric Hospital is connected to a single control system with the possibility of remote management. It is located in the water station building, together with two storage tanks for the already treated water. Level probes monitor its quantity and control the start-up of the system.

HUTIRA – VISION has more than 30 years of experience in water treatment. In addition to supplying the technology, the company also undertook operator training and technical assistance during the 24-month warranty period.