Continental Automotive Systems Slovakia s.r.o., based in Zvolen, is one of the largest employers in the region. It deals with the production and sale of brake components for car manufacturers in Slovakia and other countries.

It is therefore a great honour for our subsidiary HUTIRA Slovakia that it could be a supplier and implementer of the gas route to two KT Tedom cogeneration units last year, which contribute to the smooth running of the entire factory.

The gas route includes a regulation assembly with a Tartarini MBN/065×100 regulator and a V/52 safety valve (100 kPa/15 kPa) with a total flow of 500 m3/h. This is followed by DN250 gas distribution with DN150 branches for each cogeneration unit.

In front of each unit, there is a device for measuring the flowing gas with the FMR G160 DN100 gas meter and the MacBAT5 gas volume corrector. Our order also included the implementation of a connection to the on-site gas distribution by drilling in the ground.