The 3rd Festival of Architecture took place at the Brno Exhibition Centre at the end of April. The main topic was the reduction of energy consumption of buildings and savings on their operation. On this occasion, another 19 companies signed a Memorandum of Long-Term Cooperation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The HUTIRA brand made its signature commitment to sustainable development back in 2020.

 How to make an economical new building or renovation with a state subsidy or how to save operating costs? The speakers at the 3rd Festival of Architecture were looking for answers to these questions. The HUTIRA brand also shared its experience in building a responsible and economical operation. In a panel discussion commented by Vladimír Kořen, HUTIRA representatives discussed the future of the gas industry and the upcoming situation in the Czech Republic from the perspective of the energy sector.

“We have long been striving for sustainable development in all companies under the HUTIRA brand. This is proven, among other things, by our projects, such as the construction of a biomethane plant in Litomyšl. Biomethane is one of the important sources of the future energy mix. In the Czech Republic, it could replace up to 5% of current natural gas consumption and thus partially relieve companies of dependence on this commodity imported mainly from Russia,” explained Monika Zitterbartová, Executive Director of HUTIRA green gas.

Ivo Hutira, the owner and CEO of HUTIRA, also took part in the debate. He responded to important questions about what the Czech Republic would do if it was completely cut off from gas or whether it was prepared for such a situation. According to Mr Hutira, it is necessary to cut off from Russian gas as soon as possible in order to gain independence from it. “It will hurt, but it is important not to be political, not to be bureaucratic and to work very hard for change. To take some risk and not be afraid of pilot projects. The government, led by the Prime Minister, must intensively discuss the supply of alternative substitute solutions and, with all seriousness, reassess the composition of the energy mix in the light of the implementation of European and global agreements in terms of limiting the impact on polluting the planet. It is necessary to realize that it is not about stopping the use of natural gas altogether, but mainly about forcing us, wasteful human beings, into a circular concept of being on planet Earth. The use of renewable energy sources is one of the priorities. Using energy sources from waste, which we produce millions of tonnes a day, is a top priority,” said Mr Hutira.

HUTIRA helps prepare Brno for the future

HUTIRA – VISION, which deals with efficient water management, was also represented at the Festival of Architecture. The company’s director Petr Hajný presented how HUTIRA – VISION technologies can contribute to more efficient water and energy management not only in family houses, but also in companies and thus contribute to significant financial savings.

The programme of the Festival, which took place at the Brno Exhibition Centre, traditionally included the signing of the Memorandum of Long-Term Cooperation on the commitment of the Statutory City of Brno to adapt to climate change. Nineteen companies have newly joined the long-term cooperation in the field of emission reduction.

The HUTIRA brand signed the Memorandum two years ago. In 2021, HUTIRA – BRNO was even certified as a responsible company and became a gold partner of the Prepare Brno project, which strives to make Brno greener, more eco-friendly and healthier. For the HUTIRA brand, respect for nature and social responsibility are one of the key pillars reflected in the activities of all HUTIRA companies.