For companies under the HUTIRA brand, respect for nature and social responsibility are the building blocks of all activities. We actively participate in projects that are to contribute to the improvement of the environment and we also implement eco-friendly energy sources in practice. An example can be our emphasis on biomethane, which can replace fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which is reflected primarily in the activities of our subsidiary HUTIRA green gas s.r.o.

In order to further support and develop these activities, HUTIRA green gas has become a member of the European Biogas Association. We hope to establish contacts with institutions and companies across Europe, as well as to pass on our rich experience and gain know-how from other partners in the field.


Non-profit organisation European Biogas Association (EBA) , based in Belgium,   was founded in February 2009. Its aim is to support the introduction of sustainable biogas production and use in Europe. This includes all uses of biogas as energy, such as heat, electricity and automotive fuels.

EBA members include national biogas associations, institutes and companies from more than 20 countries across Europe. The member associations cover most biogas producers, companies, consultants and researchers in Europe. HUTIRA green gas is  the only Czech production, supply and development company that is currently a member of  this association.

EBA’s strategy defines three priorities: to entrench biogas as an important part of the European energy mix, to support the sorting of household waste in order to increase gas potential, and to support the production of biomethane as a fuel for vehicles.