HUTIRA green gas, a New Business Partner on the Czech Market

The motto of our company is “With respect for nature”. And here is how we at HUTIRA – BRNO understand this statement. With each implementation and customer, we try to emphasize the ecological approach – for every project and every day.

We have been on the market for 30 years and have gained extensive experience in the field of gas industry. Many of our projects included innovative solutions. For instance, we introduced underground regulator modules to Czech customers. This way, thousands of tourists in Prague center walk over our regulator installations beneath their feet. Some time ago, it was not recommended to connect small regulation station to high pressure grid. Our response was introduction of small “farm-type” regulation stations with 20-200m3/h. These devices can effectively provide gas supply to buildings far from medium/low pressure gas grids. They bring significant financial savings for their users, as well.

We are monitoring European trends and market needs, especially those relating to renewable energy and green gas. We see efforts to “decarbonise” Europe while (unlike the western EU countries) the use of biogas in the Czech Republic is still very limited. So we decided to join the pioneers and promote efficient usage of biomethane as a renewable energy source.

Founding a new company was the very first step. HUTIRA green gas s.r.o. is dedicated to environment-friendly conversion of biogas into biomethane that can be then used in various applications. Biomethane is an ecological alternative for natural gas. It is suitable for injection into the gas grid and can be used both as vehicle fuel (bioCNG) and for storage (bioLNG).

HUTIRA green gas is ready to help cities and municipalities, waste water treatment operators and owners of biogas facilities. The core of innovative technology for biomethane production is a state-of-art 3-stage membrane separation. This method guarantees maximum methane production, low operating costs and “plug and play” installation.

Thanks to cooperation with leading companies Emerson and DMT, we introduce to the Czech market ecological solutions that bring forward a new reliable source of renewable energy. We believe that biomethane is so called fuel of the future for two main reasons: it significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and represents a reliable alternative to fossil fuels.

Our offer includes qualified technological, financial and subsidy consultancy, design and engineering, certifications of origin, assistance with biomethane trading. However, the most important asset is a smooth implementation of each project including warranty and post-warranty service.

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