30. Anniversary of the “Rebels” in the Gas Industry – HUTIRA

In May 2020, HUTIRA celebrated 30 years of presence on the Czech gas market. We owe this position to you, our customers and partners who have supported our continuous growth. Today, we can look back at thousands of successful projects, thousands of produced regulation assemblies, and more than half a million delivered gas pressure regulators. We have grown up commercially, professionally, and as a company as well. Today, our team features as many as 120 employees in 12 different companies under the HUTIRA name. Gas and energy remain our main fields of expertise. However, we have also expanded into the water industry. Most recently, the company has promoted innovative technologies for the conversion of biogas into biomethane that can be used as vehicle fuel or for injections into gas grid.

As the initially planned celebration of this important anniversary could not be held at the end of May due to the COVID pandemic, the HUTIRA – BRNO Company organized a minor private celebration on 12 June for the employees only. The event began in the morning in the Omice stone quarry “where it all started 30 years ago”. The celebration there included an open-air toast, funny performance related to company history, and a symbolic blast in the quarry.

Sporty employees drove on bikes from Popuvky to the quarry and then along the Bobrava river to Tetcice and back. In Popuvky, there was a lecture dedicated to company history and an informal celebration with barbecue and afternoon “chillout” Children enjoyed most of all climbing up the company “Matterhorn”.

The weather was fine and so the event was very pleasant. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we could not meet other guests as originally planned.

The thirtieth anniversary was reflected in Czech media as well. For example, the Czech Gas Association Magazine featured an interview with the Company CEO Mr. Ivo Hutira.