Sale, service and maintenance of natural gas pressure regulators are one of the main activities of HUTIRA – BRNO. Slovnaft recently chose the company for the refurbishment of the TARTARINI BMR DN50 gas pressure regulator. HUTIRA – BRNO has cooperated with the Slovak refinery before.

TARTARINI regulators find a wide range of applications not only in the gas but also in other industries. Slovnaft uses such regulators as well. However, due to the location in extremely harsh conditions, the regulator needed to be refurbished.

The largest Slovak refinery approached HUTIRA – BRNO with this job. The refurbishment was carried out by experienced service engineers on the company’s premises in Popůvky. The whole process was completed just in a few days.

HUTIRA – BRNO has been operating in the gas sector for 30 years and its wide portfolio of services and products includes the refurbishment of gas equipment. Regulators are often operated in harsh environments and therefore need more maintenance, inspections and servicing. HUTIRA – BRNO has a number of professional and experienced engineers who make sure that the regulators will continue to serve all of the company’s clients without fault in the future.