Water tanks can be found all over the Czech Republic. They can be above ground or underground and serve various purposes – either as a water reservoir, to provide pressure for the water supply network or as a water storage for firefighters. However, only a few people will ever look into a working water tank. Unlike our employees.

HUTIRA – VISION recently completed the first phase of cleaning, sanitization and decontamination of water tanks, as well as wells and boreholes for a major customer, including the analysis of drinking water.

But how does such cleaning of water tanks look like? What needs to be done to ensure that the water meets strict hygiene requirements?

For starters, it is necessary to prepare the site, consisting in pumping out the water contained in the water tank (WT). This is followed by removal of sediment from the bottom of the WT, pressure pre-washing of the WT walls and treatment of the wall surfaces with a detergent. This is followed by mechanical cleaning of the walls and the bottom, pressure rinsing of the surfaces and sludge pumping.


Finally, the pressure cleaning of the bottom and the final disinfection and decontamination of the water tank is performed. Then the tank is filled with water again. Accredited sampling of drinking water for subsequent analysis is carried out immediately after filling. In the Czech Republic the water must comply with Decree No. 252/2004, which stipulates hygienic requirements for drinking and hot water, and the frequency and scope of drinking water inspections.

The reward for a well-done and timely job was the discovery that, after the cleaning, the drinking water met all the limits set by the Decree.

If you care about the quality of drinking water and your analysis shows that your water contains an excessive number of undesirable substances, do not hesitate to contact us at, we will be happy to solve your problem.