In recent years, experts have warned of a massive decline in bee colonies across Europe. According to them, several factors are to blame – climate change, pesticides and the mite epidemic, which decimates the hives. The continuing loss of bees and other pollinators would have far-reaching consequences for the entire ecosystem. There is even a risk that some plants could become extinct, and with them the animals that depend on them.


Therefore, in May 2019, the European Commission adopted the pan-European citizens’ initiative “Save the Bees”. It calls for further measures to be taken against pesticides, for fertilizers to be reduced and for biodiversity to be promoted.


Our subsidiary ATJ special s.r.o. is no stranger to this topic either. In accordance with one of the pillars of the HUTIRA brand – “Respect for Nature”, the Ostrovačice company therefore joined the aforementioned Save the Bees initiative.


“As part of this project, we established three treated hives on the land of ATJ special s.r.o. in Ostrovačice, which are fully furnished for the winter months. These are 3 cast swarms with queens; the bees have an extension with 10 Langstroth 2/3 frames and they are in perfect condition. They have enough stimuli for the flow both on the premises of the company ATJ special s.r.o. and in the vicinity, and there is also a flowing stream nearby,” explained the company’s Executive Manager Pavel Kazda.

The bee colony was provided by the Brno company Eprin s.r.o., which has been involved in the Save the Bees project for some time now. One of the employees of ATJ special s.r.o., who has experience with beekeeping, took charge of the bees. We therefore believe that our bees will be in the best hands.


In addition, the selected site offers very suitable conditions for further expansion and possible further cast swarms in the coming years. The honey flow will be fully left to the bee community this year. In addition, the bees will be fed sugar candy, so they will be out in force before the winter.

The main reason why the Ostrovačice company decided to become part of the Save the Bees project is the belief that it is thanks to this natural way of beekeeping that bees can be strengthened and their condition improved. At the same time, it will support the restoration of the local ecosystem and improve pollination, which will also yield a greater harvest to people close to the company.

However, our initiative does not end with the hive on the ATJ special premises. As soon as there are other suitable spaces where we can install new beehives, we will further strengthen our bee team.