The annual meeting of key players in the gas industry, organized by the Czech Gas Association, was attended by more than 300 managers and experts. The conference was also attended by leading representatives of our company – Radek Kundrata, Director of Marketing, Sales and Development; Pavel Vitula, Head of Gas; Tomas Stone, Head of Development and New Technologies and Products; and Hynek Faktor, Chief Operating Officer. Gas is one of the most important sectors in the energy mix and the conference attracted attention thanks to discussions on current topics in this sector as well as the presentation of innovations and new projects.

Other topics that attracted a lot of interest were the role of hydrogen in the energy sector and the challenges it brings and the potential of biomethane in the Czech Republic.

More detailed information about the conference can be found here.


The whole conference became a platform for sharing experiences, discussing innovations and challenges in the gas sector, while recalling the important role of this sector in the context of energy sustainability. Thanks to meetings such as the Autumn Gas Conference, the Czech gas industry has the opportunity to constantly evolve and adapt to current challenges.

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