HUTRA – VISION representatives went to Serbia at the end of May. They visited local companies and municipalities to present water treatment technologies. These reliably ensure the supply of drinking water during natural disasters such as floods. Floods have plagued not only Serbia but also neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina in recent years.

HUTIRA – VISION took part in the Serbia 2022 firefighting and flood protection technology mission organised by CzechTrade. The agency, which supports Czech exports, gave Czech companies the opportunity to present their products to the mayors of Serbian towns and municipalities or representatives of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia.

Water treatment plants help manage natural disasters

Representatives of HUTIRA – VISION, whose mobile water treatment plants are among the most advanced on the market, also presented their technologies on the Balkan Peninsula. Mobile treatment plants provide a convenient solution during natural disasters and natural calamities when a conventional source is not available. The mobile solution significantly simplifies logistics. These treatment plants can be hooked up as a trailer behind a vehicle and almost immediately transported to any location where they can treat the raw water available at the time into potable water.

According to the CzechTrade agency, Serbia has faced crisis situations associated with frequent floods in recent years. This is caused not only by the outdated equipment of professional firefighters, but also by the neglected state of the areas surrounding the rivers. Therefore, one of the other objectives of the event was to share the experience of Czech companies and municipalities in managing natural disasters with their Serbian colleagues.

Moreover, Serbia now represents an interesting market for Czech companies. The Balkan country can draw resources from EU pre-accession funds. A large amount of this money will be spent on water treatment plants and water distribution in the Balkans.