Treatment of extremely polluted well water into quality drinking water

In recent years, the topic of polluted water sources has attracted much attention in a global scale. Safe drinking water quality can be achieved using effective filtration. Innovative reverse osmosis systems provide an ideal filtering solution for drinking water in the household.

Using existing CCW technology and reverse osmosis, HUTIRA – VISION can treat extremely hard water with over-the-limit values of harmful substances such as nitrates and bacteria. The reverse osmosis systems represent an ideal water treatment solution for households.

We recently completed a project of water treatment for a family house. Before the implementation, the water could only be used as utility water and bottled water had to be bought for drinking. We provided water treatment plant plus a large storage tank with automatic refilling feature including a water line sensor. Thus, the problem with drinking water has been solved in an elegant and effective way.

Do you have similar problem with well water quality? Feel free to contact us. Our reverse osmosis system can really help.