Do you have a garden pond and want the swimming season to last as long as possible? In this case, its regular maintenance is a must! If the pond does not have a working ecosystem, the water purification must be supported externally. The truth is, the occurrence of algae is a very natural thing in such environments. However, every owner of a garden pond surely wants to have a beautiful clear water for swimming and R&R.

HUTIRA – VISION can non-chemically treat green water full of algae. To find the most effective solution, be sure to tell our expert important pond parameters including size, type (decorative, bathing, fish farming), depth, and vegetation. Based on the consultation, we will create an offer. Then, our mobile water treatment plant will be used and your pond will be soon clean and clear again.

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Water treatment plant in action

Water in the clarifier

Water from the pond – water behind the clarifier – water from the treatment plant