Latest data from the Chamber of Renewable Energy Sources confirms what we as the HUTIRA brand have been promoting for a long time – renewable energy sources (RES) are clearly the right way forward for the future of the Czech energy sector. According to the Chamber, RES can replace up to 20 percent of Russian gas within five years, which is a significant figure not only for sustainability but also for self-sufficiency in energy consumption in the Czech Republic.

The importance and share of each renewable energy source are illustrated in the diagram below, with biomethane being one of the key pillars of the transition to renewable energy. This fuel of the future, or green gas if you prefer, is the focus of HUTIRA green gas, which offers technologies for its production and efficient use. This is evidenced in particular by the biomethane plant project in Litomyšl, which is currently under construction and will be put into operation later this year. The membrane technology for the production of biomethane from biogas is in this case based on the technology of the Dutch company DMT Environmental Technology, which has extensive experience and dozens of references worldwide.

“The data of the Chamber of Renewable Energy Sources clearly shows that biomethane should be considered as much as possible in the future. We believe that the biomethane plant in Litomyšl will be a pilot project for this sector, triggering significant growth in this type of projects. The importance of biomethane for the domestic energy sector will also clearly increase,” says Monika Zitterbartová, Executive Director of HUTIRA green gas.

Photo source: Komora obnovitelných zdrojů energie, Petr Novotný INCIEN